Russell Reece

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Published Work  2003 - 2020


Scatterbrain (fiction) and Chainsaw (poem) are forthcoming in Gargoyle Magazine #73 May 2021      


Invasive Species (poem) Canary: A Literary Journal of the Environmental Crisis issue #49 Summer 2020


Copperhead, Spawn and Rookery (poems) The Broadkill Review May 2020


Straight on Till Morning (poem) Dreamstreets #63 Spring 2020


Last Dance: Elegy for a Great Blue Heron and Mambo (poems) Rooster in the Hen House anthology January 2020


The Cottage at Slaughter Beach (nonfiction), The Whopper (fiction), High Fliers (poem) and Leaving (poem) Bay to Ocean 2019 anthology.


The Seamstress (fiction) Halloween Party 2019 anthology 


The Blue Hydrangea (non-fiction) Under the Gum Tree January 2019


Private Water (fiction) Bay to Ocean 2018  anthology 


Yellowjackets (poem) The Avocet Summer 2018


Kayaking at Sunset (poem)  Blueline  39: A literary magazine dedicated to the spirit of the Adirondacks Summer 2018


Writer's Block (fiction)  Vine Leaves Literary Journal - Vignettes from across the globe  November 2017


June at Slaughter Beach: The Invasion (poem) The Avocet Summer 2017


Jack-O-Lantern (fiction) Brilliant Flash Fiction  September 2017



Christmas Washington Street 1950's (poem) Edify Journal July 2017



Soaring (fiction) Rehoboth Reimagined anthology June 2017


The Black Net Veil (fiction) The Offbeat April 2017


Scrapper (fiction) Near to the Knuckle March 2017



At the Marshfield Dam (fiction)  The 3288 Review Summer 2016


June at Slaughter Beach: The Invasion (poem) The Broadkill Review August 2016


Spring at Dames Quarter (poem)  The Avocet Spring 2016


Birthday Greetings from the County Line Tavern (fiction)  Currents: Selected Poetry & Prose from the Cape Henlopen Retreat Writers anthology published October 2015. 


Arrowhead and Mambo (poems)  The Avocet  Winter 2015.


Come Fly With Me (fiction)  The Boardwalk anthology  published October 2014 by Cat and Mouse Press.


The Mud Lake Trilogy (prose chapbook) published May 2014 by Shell Bridge Books. Available at Amazon and Barnes & Nobel.




“Ever run into any trouble?- from “The Hitchhiker” 

        You’ll find plenty of trouble in these dark and gripping stories. Set in the mid-sixties, in rural Michigan , three average people face what could be the defining moments of their lives. In “The Hitchhiker,” Jeff, a young sailor on the way to see his girlfriend, has just thumbed a ride with a very dangerous driver. In “Abracadabra,” Wallace, a religious fundamentalist who struggles with incidents from his past, develops a new relationship with God. And in “What She Wanted,” Loraine, a waitress at an all-night diner, needs to get out of town before her ex-boyfriend gets out of jail. Follow these memorable characters whose fates become inextricably linked in Russell Reece’s new collection, The Mud Lake Trilogy.  


“Russell Reece excels at writing stories about creepy guys in cars. Here are three good ones.”

- Elise Juska, author of “The Blessings”



Spring at Dames Quarter (poem)  The Fox Chase Review -  Winter 2014


Abracadabra  (fiction)  Someone Wicked  Anthology published in  2013 by Smart Rhino Publications. Available at Amazon and Barnes & Nobel 



Rhythm  (non-fiction)   bioStories summer 2013



Come On, Harold  (non-fiction)   All That Glitters  Non-fiction anthology published 2013 by Sliver of Stone Magazine. Available at Amazon and Barnes & Nobel 



In Less than a Minute  (fiction)    Proud to Be: Writings by American Warriors  Anthology published 2012  by Southeast Missouri State University  Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble



Bass Fishing on the Mekong  (fiction)    Remembrances of Wars Past: A War  Veterans Anthology   Published 2012 by Fox Track Publications   Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble



Falling Asleep after Watching the News from Iraq (flash fiction)   Vine Leaves Literary Journal Best of 2012 Anthology  and Vine Leaves Literary Journal Fall 2012



Sanctuary  (fiction)  The Fox Chase Review - Summer 2012



The Hitchhiker (fiction)    Crimespree Magazine - Jan/Feb 2012



Familiar and Ordinary Things  (fiction)     EarthSpeak Magazine - December 2011



Come on, Harold  (non-fiction)   Sliver of Stone - August 2010



The Train Show (fiction)    Delaware Beach Life - March 2010


Game Face  (non-fiction)   Memoir(and) - Fall/Winter 2009


Trumping Diamonds  (non-fiction)  Delmarva Quarterly - Autumn 2008


Ensign Henry's Replacement -1968 (flash fiction)   Raving Dove - Summer 2007


Yellow Jackets (poem)   Beginnings - Spring/Summer 2006

                                   click on this link to read Yellow Jackets

Candlelight  (fiction)    Delmarva Quarterly - Winter 2004


Last Night (poem)     Delmarva Quarterly - Winter 2003


Early Morning on Broad Creek (non-fiction)      Delmarva Quarterly - Summer 2003



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